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Stay Healthy with Ayurveda

A comprehensive study of the Indian medical historiography, reveals that even in the ancient times when all ancient civilizations of the world developed their own medicinal systems for healing, ancient Indian system of medicine was the most methodical, and holistic system- both in its ideas and its curative measures. This science of healing, in ancient times, was founded as – Ayurveda meaning-the science of life!

Ayurveda emerged as not only the most methodical, more rational but also the one which incorporated “Intellectual Coherence”. The “Vaidyas” would consider each individual as distinct and paid isolated attention to the constitution of the individual had a focal point, around which it resolves, the “Tridosa”. These three dosas namely – vata, pitta, kapha, explained all physical, physiological processes and also the pathological causation of disease.

Embrace Ayurvardaan (Why Ayurvardaan?)

Ayurvardaan is synonyms for Ayurveda and that itself is the biggest reason apart from the following certainties:

  • Highly efficacious medicines
  • Safe and without any side-effects
  • Purest forms of herbs used in compilation of products
  • Holistic approach of healing
  • Highly economical when compared to available allopathic treatments and surgeries
  • Treatment & follow-up by professionally trained team for complete and un-interrupted treatment

About Ayurvardaan

Ayurvardaan walks on the principles of Ayurveda and ensures a holistic approach to treatment of diseases and bodily disorders.
Ayurvardaan is the manifestation of Ayurveda in this hi-tech and modern world to facilitate the society in leading a healthy lifestyle and create a blooming ecosystem for the coming generations.

Professionally trained Doctors and experienced Team from the industry makes it one of the leading E-Commerce Ayurvedic Company. Carrying a legacy of treating thousands of patients on various diseases and lifestyle disorders Ayurvardaan specializes in healing patients of – Diabetes, Liver, Heart and building a strong immune system for the human body.

From Ayurvardaan’s Mortar

Lifestyle Disorder Solutions

Today’s ecosystem, competitive economies, lifestyle has harmed the human body, resulting into lifestyle disorders and life threatening diseases. People adopt popular (allopathic) yet harmful chemical drugs in the name of “managing” such situations. Do not accept that these lifestyle disorders are incurable and has no permanent solutions.
Ayurvardaan, offers you comprehensive, natural, safe and effective solutions to these lifestyle disorders like, diabetes, and blood pressure and treats from the root cause of the disease and hence the results are indefinite and life-long.
Diabocare 90!
Diabetes Care Kit!
Sugarcare 90!

Building your internal ecosystem stronger

Our rapidly changing world, highly demanding and stressful professions, creates “Imbalance” in the internal ecosystem of the body. The result- weak body and mind, which are unfit for the current environment.
Ayurvardaan has the best solution for such competitive lifestyle, facilitating you to fight the stressful ecosystem and move ahead with full conviction and healthy bodies. Ayurvardaan’s solution to all the above is delivered to you in the form of – Immunofast!

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Unhealthy practices, eating habits and bumpy daily routines in contemporary world has given birth to gastrointestinal problems and is damaging vital organs like liver, stomach, Gall Bladder, and Pancreas. Chemical drugs, or surgery are either very expensive or will result into irreversible and irreparable damage to body and mental trauma to the patients.
Ayurvardaan facilitates and complements your vital organs of the digestive system and provides complete solutions to diseases related to them. Ayurvardaan treatment not only completely heals the organ but also makes it strong enough to fight-back in every situation possible.
Hepta-Cure (Powder)!
Digesto Power!


Never in my life I could have believed on Ayurveda, then I came across this magnificent team of Ayurvardaan. They made me believe in the ancient science if life from India.
Thank You Ayurvardaan

Amit Bardhan

I was worried about my father's diabetes and thought that like any other diabetic he will also undergo the pain and agony and we will watch him suffer this silent killer. Thanks to the Ayurvedacharyas of Ayurvardaan that we have taken the sigh of relief now.

Thansing Patil

The seamless after consultation of Ayurvardaan team is superb. Unlike any other e-commerce platform they just don't believe in one time sales. They are always besides you to take care of you and have only one moto- heal You completely.

Bhupendar Sah

Good and effective medicines which are natural. Their panel of doctors are experienced and professional.

Niranjan Kumar Sharma

Consult Our Doctor

More than consultancy our doctors believe in hearing from patients. Our doctors will always be in a hurry to heal you rather than treating you. A professionally experienced doctor from Ayurvardaan will always suggest you the best of the medicines, specially customized for patients, rather than prescribing what is been prescribed to everyone. As in Ayurveda, Ayurvardaan doctors take an approach which is customized and every patient is unique for them. A holistic stance is taken to heal a patient.

Your appointment with our Ayurvedacharya is just a click away.