Diabocare 90(Capsules)

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Diabocare 90 has powerful herbs with natural exceptional.

ISO & GMP certified Medicine approved by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare – a propriety of GOI


Diabocare 90 has powerful herbs with natural exceptional healing properties to heal Type 2 Diabetes.


• Natural, no side-effects
• Remarkable Herb for increasing serum insulin levels
• Reduces blood sugar significantly
• Cares for vital organs like – Kidney, Heart and Liver

Paneer dodi

• Manages blood sugar fluctuations
• Repairs Pancreas
• Helps in insulin Secretion
• Supports glucose & carbohydrate metabolism
• Highly effective in Diabetes management

ISO & GMP certified Medicine approved by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare – a propriety of GOI Metformin is just not the only medicine doctors can prescribe to manage Type 2 Diabetes!

Please be informed that “Metformin” is a “BBW” drug or “Black Box Warning Drug”. That means
“Warning, extreme Danger”. US FDA Labeling cautions:

– Precaution: Consideration must be taken in special situations / Patients groups.

– Warning: Serious adverse events that have been observed and potential safety hazards. A “Black
Box Warning” or “Boxed Warning” is the strongest warning the FDA issues.

– Contraindication: Drug should not be used in a specific situation because risk much greater than
possible benefit.

Never in my life I could have believed on Ayurveda, then I came across this magnificent
team of Ayurvardaan. They made me believe in the ancient science if life from India. Thank You

I was worried about my father's diabetes and thought that like any other diabetic he will also undergo the pain and agony and we will watch him suffer this silent killer. Thanks to the Ayurvedacharyas of Ayurvardaan that we have taken the sigh of relief now.

The seamless after consultation of Ayurvardaan team is superb. Unlike any other e- commerce platform they just don't believe in one time sales. They are always besides you to take care of you and have only one moto- heal You completely

Good and effective medicines which are natural. Their panel of doctors are experienced and professional.

3 reviews for Diabocare 90(Capsules)

  1. Varun Shokeen

    This is the best products in sugar substitute

  2. Amit Pandey

    its very important for Daibetic patients very Nice product

  3. Deepak Mahajan

    I am diabetic so it helps quite a lot to keep my sugar level in control and its natural too

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